A Reader Reminds Us That There Used To Be People Called "Americans"
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RE: A Reader Says The Problem is Not "White Identity", but Multiple Identities

From Reginald De Chantillon [Email him]

Reader Steve Polychronopoulos is absolutely correct. In discussing national identity, it is often overlooked how this discussion was narrated in the past.

For instance, while the "Nordic Race" narrative was centerpiece of what was "American Identity" during the Immigration Restriction age of the 1920's, this was really a tactical political maneuver of ethnic politicking during the period.

Prior to the time of the 20th century, all such discussions were conducted in comparison with the "Native American".  The appellation Native American was solely used to describe those individuals who were descended of families pre-existing in the colonies at the time of Independence and more often than not who called themselves "American".

Indeed, if any other word was used by said people to describe themselves, it was Anglo-Saxon, British, or most prevalently English. Thus, the cultural milieu was one of Anglo-Saxonism, in the orbit of North America, and specifically, those communities who called themselves "Americans". It is to this group, not some abstract social constructed term of "White Identity", that we should give allegiance.

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