A California Lawyer Says Political Pundits "Fail To Grasp The Obvious" About Barack Obama
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From: Mark Mallarde (e-mail him)

Re: Boethius' Column: Obama's Contempt For Ordinary Whites—And McCain's Inability To Defend Them

Although I voted for Barack Obama in the California primary, I do not support his presidential candidacy over-all because of his official immigration position. I'm hoping for a viable third candidate to emerge.

But I'm surprised commentators fail to grasp the obvious about Obama. His gaffes don't reflect his true beliefs.

Despite the flap and all his critic's statements to the contrary, Obama does not believe that rural Pennsylvanians' economic misfortune makes them cling to guns, or become anti-trade and anti-immigrant.

As a shrewd politician from nearby Illinois, Obama is not that naïve about Pennsylvanians. On the other hand, many San Franciscans—where Obama delivered his remarks—are. 

Obama played to his audience.  His mistake was not assuming that someone might record his speech.

Similarly, Obama does not believe any of the vitriol spewed from his Chicago pastor Jeremiah Wright. But he maintained his church membership to win the support of those church members that do.

Mallarde's previously wrote about how Hispanic voters will be Obama's nemesis. Read it here

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