A Georgia Reader Calls Them "Criminal Trespassers"
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From:  Bernard Winter [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "Justice for Janitors"—Or Jobs for Americans

It looks like the janitors are very well organized.

In today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there is an article about sub-contractor David Shafer who refused to hire "trespassers" and went out of business because he couldn't compete with others who did.[Illegal Immigration: One Man's Ruin…and Recovery,  Brian Feagans, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 12, 2006]

In Dec. 2004 Shafer was seen on different roadsides with a sign reading, "Help support illegal aliens, buy a new home here in Georgia."

The AJC lists these statistics: in 1990 Hispanics accounted for 8 percent of construction laborers in Georgia. By 2000 that amount shot up to nearly 50 percent.

Homebuilders say that hiring of illegals keep the costs of new homes down. But, look at the astronomical cost of new housing! The truth is that illegal alien labor fattens their pockets.

Yet there is little risk in hiring them because immigration officials pay no attention to these construction workers. Why not?

I recently was appointed to Georgia Congressman Tom Price's committee on immigration working with his local office.

It's time to take back our government the same way we screamed about the Dubai takeover of our ports. It's time to give our immigration laws teeth.

By the way, a thought: instead of illegal immigrants, shouldn't they be labeled "Criminal Trespassers"?

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