A French Reader Notes A Lack Of Chivalry Among Muslim Refugees:" During The Trip To Lampedusa, 12 Girls Were Thrown Into The Sea.`"
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Re: James Fulford's blog post: Camp Of The Saints (Camposanto?) in Italy

From: An anonymous reader in France [Send her mail]

I just thought that I would bring your attention to the situation between France and Italy regarding illegal immigrants from North Africa.

You may have seen reports in the English-speaking press about France closing the border between it and Italy.  One such report is this one that appeared in The Telegraph: France stops all Italian trains carrying north African immigrants,   By Peter Allen, April 17, 2011.

This story doesn't quite tell it as the French press does.  It appears from Le Figaro that the illegals were arrested and, in the main, returned and that the border wasn't officially closed:

One thing in particular stands out in this story:


Tous, exclusivement des hommes jeunes, plutôt pauvres et rarement francophones, racontent la même histoire.  Comme Tarek, 20 ans, parti il y a vingt jours de Kairouan.  ‹Nous étions entassés à 150 dans un bateau prévu pour 60, explique le garçon.  Au cours du trajet pour Lampedusa, douze filles ont été jetées à la mer.[ À Vintimille, un «Sangatte» entre France et Italie, By Vincent-Xavier Morvan, April 4, 2011.]




All, exclusively young men, rather poor and rarely able to speak French, tell the same story.  Like Tarek, 20 years old, who departed 20 days ago from Kairouan.  '150 of us were crammed into a boat constructed for 60, explained the young man.  During the trip to Lampedusa, 12 girls were thrown into the sea.'


As one of the commentators on the article said:  "12 filles jetées à la mer. C'est un acte barbare ...quelle sorte de gens sont ils ?" ("12 girls thrown into the sea.  That's a barbaric act...what sort of people are these?"

Funny how this part of the story has never made it into the English-speaking press as far as I know.

I hope that this information is of help to you.

James Fulford writes: There's a memorial in Washington, DC to the men of the Titanic who went down with the ship, allowing women and children to be saved. Chivalry, however, is a Western value. Such memorials are unlikely to be erected in Libya or for that matter, Islamabad. When finally found by the Navy Seals, Osama bin Laden, now the late Osama bin Laden, tried to take shelter behind his wife.

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