A Former Border Patrol Agent Says Illegals Are Giving Covid To Border Patrol Agents...Who Find Themselves Quarantined In The SAME Motel As Illegals
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Re: James Fulford's If El Paso Illegals Won't Take The Vaccine, Can We Send Them Back?

From: A Former Border Patrol Agent [Email him]

Regarding your coverage of Covid among illegals, I’ve learned that the northern border has been detailing border patrol Agents to the southern border for some time now. Of the seven Agents detailed from the Niagara Falls station to the southern border, six came down with Covid. Supposedly, they had to quarantine in their motel rooms for 21 days. That's a lot of wasted manpower and money putting Agents up in motels for days on end far from home and getting no work done by them.

My other friend who got Covid said he had to quarantine for 10 days. In the meantime, ERO (Enforcement and Removal Operations or, essentially, the Deportation Officers) were putting illegal aliens who had been released from custody in the same motel where a lot of the Agents were staying. Presumably, these were illegal aliens who had also tested positive.

Unfortunately, with the madness and chaos of so many people crossing the border, I have the impression that ERO and the Border Patrol are not always coordinating what they are doing with each other.

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