A Canadian Reader Is Planning Not To Vote, Because Parties That Support Legacy Canadians Are Illegal Outside Quebec
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Re: Canada’s Election: Francophone Quebec Tail Still Wags Majority Anglophone Dog

From: "Johnny Canuck"  [Email him]

Where I live, things are quite locked down, and the Liberals  called a snap election, leading to scenes like this:

I'm not going to vote. None of Canada's three major parties are opposed to immigration or multiculturalism, and a really Trumpist candidate would probably be prosecuted under Canada's notorious hate speech laws.

The only group, as noted above, allowed to protect their heritage are the French of Quebec.

Speaking of which, this is the latest photograph of the 100 percent white, one-quarter French current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in costume.

"Johnny Canuck" was born in Canada so long ago that he remembers when the flag of Canada was the Union Jack.

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