A Reader Wants To Know Why The NC Museum Of Art Is Displaying A Picture Of A Black Woman Decapitating A White Woman
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Re: Paul Kersey's 2018 blog post “It’s Sort Of A Play On The ‘Kill Whitey’ Thing”: Kehinde Wiley's Official Presidential Portrait Of Barack Obama Preceded By Paintings Of Black Women Decapitating White Women

From: "The Village Tippler" [Email him]

The North Carolina Museum of Art has Kehinde Wiley's Judith and Holofernes (a picture, not the only one he's done, of a black woman brandishing the severed head of a white woman) back on the walls again: Judith and Holofernes – NCMALearn.

This is in a state that's tearing down all kinds of supposedly "divisive" artworks involving no decapitation at all [A new push to remove Confederate monuments from North Carolina courthouses, by Billy Corriher, Facing South, February 23, 2021].

Kehinde Wiley was the black artist, chosen for explicitly racial reasons, to do a portrait of Barack Obama in 2018 .

See Steve Sailer's

The North Carolina Museum of Art publicly funded by the State Of North Carolina. I think people should know what their tax dollars are funding. Perhaps folks should contact their representatives? 


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