A Florida Reader Thinks That Mexican-American Buffoon George Lopez Understands Immigration Better Than Most Americans
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From: A. B. Smith (e-mail her)

Even though comedian George Lopez is an American-born California native, he considers himself a Mexican and is an unashamed supporter of illegal immigration.

But I can't help but wonder if Lopez doesn't have a greater understanding of what's going on demographically and why it's happening than most Americans.

In his HBO Special George Lopez: Tall, Dark & Chicano, he says: "This is a new America...While you were out playing sudoku, we've taken over the country." [Watch him say it and much worse here.]

While Mexico hasn't taken over yet, Lopez has correctly pinpointed one of the reasons it's getting close.

Too many of us are too lazy to fight to save American. We've got golf to play, football to watch and, yes, sudokus to complete.

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