A Reader In Japan Evaluates Nice WASP Progressives vs. Nice Jewish Progressives
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From: Takuan Seiyo (Email him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: The Last Of The Nice WASP Progressives: Otis Graham And The War For Patriotic Immigration Reform

I commend Steve Sailer for yet another on-target laser beam concerning America's death-by-immigration and the bipartisan roots of this self-made disaster.

An irreversible disaster too, for this is the one lunacy that can never be expiated—except through untold misery, nation breakup, violence, and not infrequently, civil war.

One of Sailer's most important contributions is to highlight the prominent role that American Jews have had in this dissolution.

It's a brave thing for Steve to do, for it exposes him not merely to a barrage of "nativism" and "racism" projectiles but also to the concussions of "anti-Semitic hate" grenades lobbed from the well-fortified trenches of the Treason Lobby.

I have quarreled with anti-Semites publicly, including attacking a VDARE.COM article by Kevin MacDonald because of two systemic fallacies in the congenital Jew-hater's mind.

One is the attribution of conspiracy and ulterior motives where there are none, and the other is listing all the harm that Jews have inflicted and still inflict on white Christian (or ex-Christian) society, but ignoring the blessings.

The blessings are many. Indeed, they are beyond measure. We need not go back to the role of the Bible and the Jewish founders of Christianity, or even to early American figures like Haym Solomon and Uriah Phillips Levy to understand that; the last 100 years suffice.  

American science, technology, medicine, infomatics, entrepreneurship, high brow and low brow music, literature, film, theater—all these and more bear an outsize Jewish contribution that is shockingly out-of-proportion to the Jews' share of the population.

Jews have received the Nobel Prize 169 times, not counting the ludicrous Peace Prize. As David Goldman, writing as "Spengler," has pointed out, this amounts to one Nobel Prize for every 89,000 Jews alive today, versus, to take one example, the incidence of Muslim Nobel Prize laureates being one for every 450 million Muslims alive today.

It would be impossible to list here the names of just the important Jewish American contributors in all the above and other fields, for it would be book-length. Dozens of such books have already been written. More accessibly, there are websites such as these.

But this is about immigration. And the issue is to grasp the severity of the wound that America has inflicted on itself through its immigration policy since 1965 and the role that American Jews have played in this. 

Moreover, one has to add to this civil rights legislation and the dysfunctional minoritarian tyranny that has resulted from it, for this has been driven by the same misguided moral impulse, with the same Jewish vanguard, and has brought with it the same guaranteed slide to mediocrity, chaos, impoverishment and dystopia that must end in disaster.

Even courageous Sailer cannot write candidly about this because America does not bear Cassandras. This is the one area where it would take a Jeremiah to describe the future foretold.

I have tried looking through that particular camera obscura in print myself but had to back off because the resulting image belonged with Daniel and Zephaniah, or, if one prefers the plastic arts, Goya or Breughel.

But as a half-blood Jew and son of Holocaust survivors, American immigrant, and now a displaced refugee from the political/ economic madness, I have a simile to offer that can perhaps indicate how I and people who think like me see this.

If you put on one scale the enormous contributions to America that all the earlier generations of Jews have made between 1650 and 1950, and on another scale the catastrophic damage that the last two generations of Jews have wrought through their disproportionate contribution to destructive liberal causes, above all immigration, the scales are at best even.

Takuan Seiyo [Email him] is a multiethnic and multilingual Euro-American immigrant, writer and former international media executive. A happy and highly contributive Californian for decades, Seiyo left as a demographic, political and fiscal refugee. He is now content to live in Japan, a country that does not actively pursue its own extinction, where he is an oft-fingerprinted and respectfully discriminated-against minority.

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