A Reader Reports On The Cancellation Of A Token Comedy
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05/15/07 - A Reader Reports Multicultural Nationalism In Scotland

From: A Reader

As someone who believes that media of genuine quality could probably do more to uplift the country than any realistic amount of "too-little, too-late" Head Start programs, I was elated to see that George Lopez's bland mediocre dreck of a sitcom has at last met its ignominious end. [TV just got a lot 'whiter,' says a canceled George Lopez, LA Times Blog, May 14, 2007]

But imagine my delight when I read that Lopez made a crybaby fool of himself by hinting at racism and arrogantly implying that, as a "Chicano," he has some sort of fundamental right to be polluting the airwaves with his self-proclaimed "important show."

I guess he forgot that the most popular show on TV, 'American Idol', is extensively integrated and plenty of other hit programs have multi-ethnic casts. Lopez' real problem is not racism from studios or indifferent audiences, but his failure to produce a worthwhile program.

Cynical tokenism, which has sustained Lopez' show for five useless seasons, is much more of an insult to minorities than its merciful cancellation.

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