A Florida Reader Says We’re Still In The Wilderness, We Offer Hope
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Re: John Derbyshire Is Taking A Month Off From The Cold Civil War

From: Delmar Jackson [Send him mail]

I watched intently to hear any mention of immigration in every single presidential debate in 2008 and 2012. Out of all the mainstream GOP and Democratic candidates, only Bachman and Romney uttered remarks that made me believe they understood immigration.  Romney talked about self-deportation and then went to Vegas to kiss Adelson’s ring and never said another sane word on immigration.

Bachman, who the media conducted a full-scale blitz to smear as an idiot and fool, was actually heard to say in one debate, that our immigration system may be broken now, but that  "we had a perfectly good one before the 1965 immigration act."

The moderator immediately interrupted her and changed the topic.

Bachman understood immigration in a way no one, not even Sarah Palin, who I love but never understood immigration in her debates, ever articulated. Bachman deserves some credit.

I voted for Virgil Goode in 2012. In a county of 2 million people where I live, he got 114 votes.

We are still in the wilderness.

Derbyshire is right to take a break. If it was not for you guys at VDARE.com—and NumbersUSA and Jeff Sessions and Pat Buchanan, and the emergence of Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter, I would be without any hope.

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James Fulford writes: Derbyshire went out of his way to not despair:

Now despair, as well as being a sin in (I believe) all major religions, is also an unattractive and unproductive state of mind. Here at VDARE.com we eschew it.
He also said " I do my best to cheer myself up with hortatory verse", linking to his reading Tennyson's Psalm of Life. I myself am fond of "Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth" by Arthur Hugh Clough in this connection. (Also read by John Derbyshire.) The main point is to not give up. You never know how much the other side is hurt.
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