An American Defense Worker Says End The Refugee Program
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Re: Anthony Boehm's letter A Reader Says That If We Want A Better Class Of Refugees, We Could Take In The Russian-Germans

From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

There is no doubt that Russian-Germans are a better class of immigrants than nearly every other. Indeed they'd fit right in to American Midland's Culture the day they arrive. In fact George Fox and William Penn, if alive today, would be very much interested in such a people for settlement.

However arguing over which group of refugees is better draws away focus on the essential issue-namely ending immigration as we know it. This especially includes ALL refugee resettlement.

The very idea that America is a refuge for the oppressed of the world has done nothing but encourage fraud and bring in people who are a toxic mix of helpless and wild. It is very easy to criticize Somali and Hmong Refugee resettlement policies, but those policies exist because so many other refugees seem to fit into the pre-existing prejudices of the Historic American Nation.

In other words, supporting German Homeschoolers as "oppressed" refugees, or a Christian woman (Meriam Ibrahim) fleeing Islamic Sudan, or supporting, "Caesar" a supposed documenter of Human Rights violations in Syria is the reason why Hmong gangsters continue to be on the dole in the USA.

We Americans my wish that Meriam Ibrahim is a valiant Christian fighting hostile Islam, but we really don't know what goes on in her mind and we cannot weigh her soul.[ Sudanese Christian Woman, Family Head To U.S. After Meeting With Pope In Italy, By Michael Walsh, New York Daily News, July 31, 2014]Since she is "saved" she may very well feel she is automatically forgiven of the sin of defrauding naively trusting American Christians.

She is also now able to bring in her terrorist-in-waiting Moslem nephews through family re-unification. She is also entitled to feed at the welfare trough along with any children she has or may continue to have.

This negative ripples spreading out from this Christian Charity have yet to be fully realized. It gets worse, "Caesar" the Syrian police photographer who defected could very well be a fraud or a plant that the Political Elite and foreign pressure groups are using to manipulate Americans into yet another foolish adventure in the Middle East. [Syrian defector testifies, shows House lawmakers graphic images of Assad torture, By Barnini Chakraborty,, July 31, 2014]

Sending Caesar back won't solve the hot mess in the desert but it will signal to the world that the American People aren't on the hook to jump in to every dust-up in the Levant.

America cannot end oppression across the globe with its refugee policy, but even token resistance to refugee resettlement, especially resettlement of those refugees who "found Jesus" or who are fighting for "freedom" against a "tyrant" will go a great deal further towards our final victory than picking one refugee group over another.

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James Fulford writes: There’s no need to either send people back to their original homes or let them into America. As I first wrote in 2001, they can be sent to third countries. Mexico, for example, must be experiencing a shortage of cheap labor by now, and have a lot of empty houses.

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