A Florida Reader Reports On The TAMPA BAY TIMES And Black-On-Black Crime
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From: Florida Observer [Email him]

The Sunday, June 7, edition of the liberal Tampa Bay Times displayed the photos of 20 males who were homicide victims during 2015. Tampa is a violent place but certainly not up to the standards of Chicago, Baltimore, or St. Louis. The writer, Dan Sullivan, was honest enough to acknowledge the fact that sixteen of these males were black. He also admitted that blacks are mostly killed by blacks. The web version, String of killings give glimpse into Tampa's recent surge in violence, has a list of names and a Google Map—but no pictures.

While the local police were agitated over the easy availability of guns as a causal factor, no-one mentioned Ferguson or Baltimore as possible factors. A black sage at Harvard named Orlando Patterson [Email him] pontificated in the same newspaper's May 17 edition called Perspective: The real inner-city problem, addressing the causes of inner-city crime.

Professor Patterson had no new insights so he reiterated the usual baloney about welfare fixes and big money windfalls like My Brother's Keeper. His discussion indicated that a Harvard professorship is no defense against the Standard Social Science Model of scientific explanation: all behavioral problems are caused by environmental factors with no genetic factors involved at all. This is the Pavlovian response of Leftists who dominate sociology.

Patterson at least acknowledges that a "thug culture" exists and black males cause inordinate crime. As an anti-scientific socialist, however, he is another "empty black suit" shouting about the virtues of Obama's My Brother's Keeper and his Task Force on 21st Century Policing, a fancy name for a training program to feminize all police while weakening the last line of civilizational protection against black criminals . Patterson's ignorance of genetics is obvious and his awareness of the pathology of black teens having babies without fathers does little to ameliorate his misguided set of prescriptions.

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