A Florida Reader Asks Us About Our Links Page, We Instantly Update It
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Re: VDARE.com's links page

Delmar Jackson [Email him]

After the change to your website, I no longer see Kathy Shaidle or Nicholas Stix in your links? Any reason?

I read Drudge first and your site second and always used your links as a lazy way to access my other favorite sites.

Kathy fights the good fight on immigration and no one is more politically incorrect or fearless in calling attention to race crimes than Stix.

See Delmar Jackson's previous letters.

James Fulford writes: I just updated our links page today, of course adding Kathy's Five Feet Of Fury page and Nicholas Stix, Uncensored. The capability for me to do that instantly is part of what the change is about. We used to have two links pages, when we had blog.vdare.com as a separate page, and the other one was called the blogroll, which included both those sites. Now we only have one links page, which I am  in the process of updating.

Of course we didn't deliberately remove either Kathy or Nicholas, as people sometimes do to us, because (a) we like them very much, and (b) we're above that kind of thing.

Not everybody is, though. I once went to the trouble of going through back issues of National Review to discover at what point they had removed Peter Brimelow from the "contributors"  page of their masthead, where it stayed long after he left the magazine. I think it was around the time they had Ramesh Ponnuru write this, but I've forgotten the details and we stopped caring a while back.

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