A CT Catholic Reader Faces A Choice: Her Church Or Her Country
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From: Sunnye Ann Rosasco (e-mail her)

Peter Brimelow's Column: Time To Rethink Immigration (II): Freeing America From The Immigration Gulag

Now we Roman Catholics have to endure the frustration of Catholic Charity's affiliation with the Department of Homeland Security with regard to illegal aliens.

DHS has approved Catholic Charities' to practice before the Board of Immigration Appeals in matters of immigration and naturalization. In other words, it can now lobby for aliens as insiders.  

In his June 2006 article, Peter Brimelow wrote that one day Catholics might have to make a choice between their country and their Church.

I didn't believe him; I never thought it could happen. But Brimelow was right and I am sick at heart.

What a choice to have to make!

Rosasco worked for the State of Connecticut for 32 years and is now involved in a Danbury CT-based group, US Citizens for Immigration Law Enforcement, website here.

Peter Brimelow writes: Ms. Rosasco is referring to this passage on immigration's destructive impact on America's national fabric:

"I can see this in microcosm in editing VDARE.COM. We are a coalition. Many of our strongest articles are by patriotic American Catholics articulately appalled by much of their hierarchy's relentless support for immigration. But I increasingly get equally articulate articles from non-Catholic readers who have simply decided, on the basis of the bishops' behavior, that the Catholic Church is a Bad Thing and, in particular, incompatible with the survival of the American nation-state.

"In effect, the post-1965 immigration disaster, and the bishops' foolish response to it, threatens to revive a controversy about the Catholic Church in America that had been dormant since the days of Nation editor Paul Blanshard's 1949 best-selling polemic American Freedom and Catholic Power celebrated 1960 speech to Protestant ministers in Houston, which was in many ways an answer. American Catholics may face the prospect of being forced by their bishops to chose between their country and their faith. Americans who are not Catholics face the prospect of losing not just their country but their friends."

I feel this looming tragedy the more acutely for having subsequently married my second Irish Catholic wife.

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