Citing Black Job Loss, An African-American Anti-Immigration Activist Calls For A Marshall Plan For Mexico
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From: Willis Papillion (e-mail him)

The only humane, sensible and financially prudent way to resolve the illegal alien crisis is to create a Marshall Plan for Mexico.

I've been saying this since I was a volunteer for California Governor Pete Wilson in the mid-1980s.

Contrary to what some believe, illegal aliens do take jobs from and depress the wages of our least skilled, most under-educated and most needy Americans—many of them African-American.

Just think back 20 years ago: who was washing your car, cutting your grass, cleaning your hotel rooms and office buildings and doing the construction on your homes?      

We should send our construction companies to Mexico to rebuild its infrastructure. Sure, the whole project may cost hundreds of billions. But we're already spending that much year after year on illegal alien benefits with no end in sight. And our cost keeps rising.

We're subsidizing Mexico—why?

Papillion, who lives in Washington State, has been active in the Republican Party since he first volunteered for President Ronald Reagan in 1981. He is currently a member of Washingtonians for Immigration Reform.

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