A Conservative Republican Reader In Pennsylvania Explains Why He'll Vote For John McCain
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From: Wolfgang Zernik: (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: Why Is John McCain's "Hispanic Outreach Director" Still Involved In Mexican Politics? Because That's How McCain Likes It

Wall's post on McCain and his awful position on illegal immigration is no doubt perfectly correct.

But it's not going to matter. Americans will elect McCain as president because of his character, his experience and his record despite his views that are dreadful on many subjects including illegal immigration and also Iraq.

When it comes to electing a Commander-in-Chief, all of the other candidates are absurd if you think about it for five minutes. They are totally unqualified by experience, knowledge and temperament.

Since the world is going to remain a dangerous place, in the end most Americans will simply throw up their hands and vote for McCain because it's too risky to vote for anyone else.

At any rate that's what I'm going to do.

Joe Guzzardi adds: The Pennsylvania Republican primary will be held April 24 with 74 delegates at stake. McCain currently holds a substantial lead after trailing Rudy Giuliani for months.

Peter Brimelow describes Zernik as "one of our favorite Today's Letter writers" His previous letters are here.

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