A Mormon Reader In Connecticut Appreciates Allan Wall's Thoroughness When Researching Mitt Romney And His Religion
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From: R. Scott Olson (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: Mitt Romney And The Mormon Question

I want to thank Wall for his accuracy about Mormonism. I have gotten used to reading half-truths about Mormons in the mainstream media. It is refreshing to read Wall's precise and accurate summations of the historical and contemporary context regarding Mormons and immigration.

I'd like to reassure your readers that there are Mormons who can see past the lies and distortions presented by the untrustworthy snake oil salesman types who promote multiculturalism and globalism as a panacea for the world's ills.

Mormon scripture requires the follower of Christ to assess potential choices based on their "fruits". 

Based on the "fruits" of Romney's political career, I believe that he easily fits into the category of the untrustworthy.

What is a shame is that in contemporary American culture the MSM and those with the loudest voices are detached from everyday people. 

Within our Church, the same unfortunate rules of engagement apply, i.e., the supposed voice of the people is detached from the body.

In private, you'll find that there are many practicing Mormons who are frustrated at the prospect of living in a globalist, multicultural America. 

Olson describes himself as a "daily" reader of VDARE.Com. He is devoted to his Church and has traveled as a missionary.

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