A Colorado Reader Notes The Depths To Which Lou Dobbs Has Sunk
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From: Bob Brasellio (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: TV's Immigration News Blackout: How I Came To Miss The Lou Dobbs Show (But Not Him)

Congratulations are in order for Lou Dobbs, our former ally turned traitor.

Dobbs is now a lifetime member in good standing of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

According to its website, the NAHJ wishes Dobbs and all his colleagues ¡Muchisimas gracias!

James Fulford writes: Lou Dobbs became a life member of the NAHJ in 2007, by making a $5,000 dollar donation. Professional Hispanics were livid. Here's the NAHJ page on its least popular member, and here is its gloat when he left CNN: NAHJ Welcomes Dobbs' Departure From CNN, which says

"Dobbs' "reporting" prompted some groups earlier to demand that CNN either dismiss or control him, specifically on this issue of immigration. We've understood the deep concern Dobbs' reporting has generated but did not join these efforts. Not because Dobbs is an NAHJ lifetime member by virtue of a single donation made earlier, [which was enough to pay annual dues for 67 years, and five times the typical life member donation] but because we believe that the best antidote to flawed journalism is good journalism, of the kind practiced both by our members and by most of the responsible press on the issue of immigration."

Typically, however, the NAHJ doesn't want newspapers to report immigrant crime as immigrant crime, and it wants newspapers to not call illegals illegals. And it's difficult to square its attitude to "good journalism" with its decision to honor Geraldo Rivera.

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