A Canadian Bureaucrat Has A Prediction For Canada—All the Ethnic Conflict of Malaysia, None of the Sunshine
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Re: "Immigration Watch Canada Asks: Why Should Richmond, BC Become a Chinese Colony?"

From: A Canadian Civil Servant [Email him]

I was reading your piece on Richmond, BC the other day, and I found it very amusing. I actually live in Ottawa, Canada (Canada's capital) and work as a mid-level bureaucrat for the Canadian federal government (obviously I'm writing this email to you anonymously to hide my identity). Anyway, as a Canadian government employee who has access to lots of government data, I can indeed confirm that European-Canadians are headed for minority status very soon.

I actually took some confidential Government of Canada data and did some number crunching.

I ran a few different scenarios: two which assume Canada's government will keep immigration constant, and one that assumes a decrease in immigration as a result of pressure from a conservative government.

Roughly speaking, these scenarios suggest whites end up as a minority by 2040, 2050, and 2060 (respectively and approximately). It's important to note that a 50% white population in any of those years will contain lots of very old baby boomers and gen-x-ers sitting in wheelchairs. But European-Canadians will become an effective minority among the working-age population much sooner, probably as soon as the baby-boomers completely leave the labor force in 15 years or so.

This is very obvious to anyone who has walked through a major Canadian city in the last ten years, and many compare this situation to America. But what few people point out is that America, with its growing Latino community will increasingly fit in better to the rest of the Americas. Not so for Canada.

Canada is starting to look less like any other country in the Americas, and more like Malaysia, with large Muslim and Chinese communities. Pretty soon Canada will be a country with essentially nothing in common with any other country, while The States will fit in nicely to the rest of the Americas. I actually envy the US. Latino culture looks a lot more fun than some monstrous hybrid of Chinese culture and Islam (plus snow and long winters!).

The funny thing is Canada has so many immigrants that we now have immigrants who are worried about other immigrants. I've seen Eastern European immigrants who are actually worried about ethnic conflict ("I never saw ethnic tension like this till I came to Canada…and I'm from the most violent region of Yugoslavia!").

Many of the workers in my government agency are immigrants themselves, and have no intention of supporting any government that would keep their relatives out (you'd be shocked just how totally stacked with immigrants Canadian federal agencies have become).

Meanwhile the white liberals here wouldn't dream of decreasing immigration. So if you consider yourself a member of Western Christendom, kiss Canada good-bye. It's all over. I have many white friends with children that are moving away. One got into teacher's college in Australia, several others are going to grad schools in the states, and one got a job as a teacher in England.

Pretty soon our billboards will say "Welcome to Canada: all the ethnic conflict of Malaysia, with none of the sunshine!"

P.S. I advise U.S. defense forces to keep a close eye on Canada, 'cause pretty soon you guys might have a full-blown Muslim and/or Chinese country directly to your north.

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