A Clearwater Reader Wonders If China Has Targeted Canada For Colonization
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Jack Highlands' article Is “Skilled Immigration” Making Canada A Chinese Colony?

From: A Reader In Clearwater, FL [Email him]

I lived in Canada from 1980 to 1993, residing in both Vancouver and Toronto. I have a theory that China has targeted Canada for colonization. Canada is actually both a sitting duck and a very rich target for takeover, 33 million people occupying a huge, resource rich land. China has only to encourage 40 million or so of its 1.6 billion people to emigrate to Canada to achieve effective political control.

If that is their aim and they are successful (I see no reason why they shouldn't be) that would be a huge strategic blow to the US, but then as I view Washington DC and how it sees history, the lights are on but nobody is home.

James Fulford writes: The question isn't whether anyone in China is planning this, the question is "If they were, would Canada's hate speech laws allow politicians to speak out against it?"

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