A UK Reader Remembers Trevor Phillips Before He Saw The Light
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's blog post Black “Anti-Racist” Trevor Phillips Proclaims “A Fact Cannot Be Racist,” Gets Called Racist

From: An Anonymous UK Reader [Email him]

Before former UK racial czar (i.e. head of the Commission on Racial Equality) Trevor Phillips had his turn around on PC and multiculturalism  he was willing to criticize immigrants for their terrible behavior—white immigrants, that is. For being racist.

You wrote it up at VDARE.com in 2006: UK's Racial Czar Says Immigrants From Eastern Europe Are Deeply Racist.

Race boss claims EU migrants are bigots | the Daily Mail 23rd October 2006 Trevor Phillips

Thousands of white immigrants from eastern Europe are deeply racist, the head of the race relations watchdog has warned.

Speaking about the tensions in British communities, Trevor Phillips said many arrivals from former Soviet countries displayed prejudice against black people.

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