Los Angeles High School English Instructor Predicts Lawsuits Because of Foreign Teachers
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Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: As I Predicted: Lodi Unified School District Takes the Bait; Hires Filipino Teachers

I am an English teacher who works in an urban Los Angeles high school that has employed a number of foreign teachers in the last few years. The results are disastrous. 

For example, a woman from Korea teaches English in a dialect no one else understands. 

When frustrated, she has hit some of the students for misbehavior. So far the incidents have remained unreported since no one has been seriously injured. 

Physical punishment is how teachers discipline students in Korea, and that's how she reacts under stress. The abused students, however, are quickly and silently transferred to U.S. citizen teachers thus increasing our workload. 

The pupils the Korean teacher does retain just sit in class mystified and confused.  None of them understand what she is saying and since they are illegal aliens, they don't complain to the authorities. 

If the public could only hear the regrets of the administrators over this hiring!   They live in constant fear of a hefty lawsuit.  One will come, too.

As a chairperson engaged in the teacher hiring process, I know there is no shortage of native English speaking citizens with all the proper credentials. 

As a matter of fact, the candidates for teaching positions have increased over the last few years because of job outsourcing.   How and by whom this Korean woman was hired is unknown to me. 

One might almost think that there's a conspiracy afoot to further dumb down our schools—but nah, that's crazy thinking!

As I have always said, give them an inch, and they'll take our country.

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