A California Reader Wonders If Unidentified Racists In Yorba Linda Are Actually Hispanic Racists
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From: Steve Smith [Email him

I noticed this LA Times article chronicling the woes of a black American family forced to move out of self defense and fear of ethnic cleansing, both the parents were police officers. Left unsaid—the race of the people harassing them: Black family reports hate crimes in Yorba Linda |A couple, both law enforcement officers, and their children move to Corona after repeated incidents of vandalism and harassment, by Nicole Santa Cruz, Los Angeles Times, November 21, 2012.

When law enforcement officers are forced to "move out of town or get murdered" I take notice, I guess we're at the Juarez Mexico tipping point. (I suppose we'll have law enforcement seeking asylum in Canada soon).  

Strangely enough the LA Times article didn't mention the race of any of the harassers, or any efforts to identify the vandals (video camera evidence?), they even lead you to believe it’s those evil rich white conservatives (racist Nixonites?) doing the harassing by peppering the article with irrelevant racial statistics on Yorba Linda, the white vs Black population, and not the perps. 

When I read between the lines I see Latino gangs intimidating not just blacks, but black law enforcement—and the government  doesn't care. 

Phase 2 is beginning. What is phase 2? 

The Latino gangs target whites, starting with their wallets.

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James Fulford writes: It’s true that Yorba Linda's  Hispanic or Latino population went from 10.3% in 2000 of the population to 14.4% in 2010, outnumbering the black population 7 to 1. And I looked deeper into the reports of the alleged racial incidents from the Orange County Human Relations committee, a letter here, and a video here, and I can still find no reference to the race of people who made racist remarks in schools or at Home Depot. The assumption we always make in these cases is that if the racists were white people, the press would say so. Of course, there’s always the possibility that it’s a faked hate crime.

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