A Reader Reports Multiculturalism In Chicago's Thanksgiving Day Parade
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From: John Tyler [Email him]

When I opened VDARE.com on Thanksgiving Day, there was an article Thanksgiving Is An American Holiday—It Is Not Immigration Day! by James Fulford. Now, this article specifically tells us that Thanksgiving is indeed an American holiday and not a day to romanticize immigration and especially illegal and Third World immigration.

But when I turned on my television to watch the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, I was shocked at how that parade which used to be so American at one point had now become a parade to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity.

What surprised me was the open display of the pride by the ethnic immigrant communities in their own country's cultures, rather than showing off that they had assimilated and become American. The sign “Viva Guatemala” was very prominent by the Guatemalan contingent and also, the cultural pride exhibited by the Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and other communities. To top it all, they even had the Korean hit song  Gangnam Style  played close to the end. I was glad that at the end of the parade they played the song  Twist and Shout , which was obviously a tribute to a well known scene in the movie  Ferris Bueller's Day Off  and it was announced by the man dressed as Santa Claus "Now let's party Chicago Style." Thank God at least the liberals have not totally taken over.

Is this what Chicago has become by lowering their standards just to cater to minorities? What happened to the Thanksgiving parades when Americanism was celebrated and not foreign cultures? It is also noteworthy to mention that just before the holiday, Illinois was considering issuing driver's licenses to illegals. So now, what does that say about the rest of the country?

Thank you, liberals, for destroying this once-great country and taking it down the path to Third World status. Shame on you!

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