A Florida Reader Says We Don’t Have An Illegal Immigration Problem In America, We Have A Law Enforcement Problem
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From: Delmar Jackson [Email Him]

Many people say we have an illegal immigration problem in the USA and we need to fix it. I claim we have no such thing.

My contention is that in 1986, there were the same people thrashing about and yelling we needed to fix illegal immigration. However, what is overlooked is that an agreement was made in 1986 to give amnesty to all 3 million who were here illegally in exchange for a complete solution to the problem.

The solution was to be brought about by strict enforcement of our laws. There is no illegal immigration problem. It was solved. The problem is the lack of any enforcement of our laws. That problem persists.

Now, I want to ask an important couple of questions.

  • How would you describe the problem of a man who cannot swim and is in a pool of water and is drowning and yelling and thrashing his arms and legs about?

You would most likely describe the problem as a man that cannot swim and is drowning in a pool of water.

Now let me ask my second question.

  • How would you describe the same problem, the only difference being the water was only two feet deep and the man did not know it?

You would probably describe the problem as a man who did not stand up while drowning in a pool of water.

Our current supposed problem of Illegal immigration is being described by almost everyone, just as inaccurately, as the man drowning in a pool of water two feet deep. In both cases, we need only stand up to stop the drowning.

I expect there will still be some yelling and thrashing about as those here illegally and those that profit from them realize finally they have to go home, and they will shove a crying baby in front of every camera and microphone in America.

But they would best be told to blame those who refused to enforce the laws and solve the problem they claimed to care so much about.

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