A California Reader Thanks Ed Rubenstein And VDARE. Com For Publishing What the MSM Won't
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06/25/06 - A Garden State Reader Notes That The Court Deals More Harshly With Pets Than With Illegal Aliens

From:  Rob Culver

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: The Stupid American? Look Again

I thank Rubenstein for his many fine articles on VDARE.COM, particularly the Stupid American? Look Again? , the Stupid American Part? Part 2 and Dropout Nation? MSM Whitewashes The Role Of Immigration

The information he provided is difficult to dig out of the Internet even with all the search engines. I perceive a conspiracy of silence. 

As a 45-year- old professional, I get tired of hearing that American education is going down the tubes when in fact it was rated near the top internationally when I went to school and still is when you measure native born white and Asian students only. 

I've got nothing against Latinos; I am married to one. But I'm well aware that the Latinos coming to America are the ones that don't assimilate well even into their own countries.

I can only hope that Bush's and the Democrats attempt to import another huge underclass will result in their own suicide instead of America's.

Culver is a computer engineer.

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