A California Reader Says The Virginia Town That Rejected The Border Surge Kids Shows Blacks Are Catching On
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Re: Brenda Walker's blog post Virginia Town Rejects Illegal Alien Kid Drop

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

The black community seems to be catching on, the phenomenon of Latino-on- black murder and ethnic cleansing is a genuine threat to young black males in particular, and not just in LA anymore but anywhere in America.

The currently downplayed ongoing Chicago bloodbath is a direct result of federal immigration policy.

Ask James Shamp, the black American  who was killed by a Canoga Park gang.

Republican Establishment slime has to be careful, I wouldn't put it past Hillary to steal the issue and come out both guns blazing for immigration enforcement.

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James Fulford writes:I noticed in the story Brenda was linking to that they quoted a  barbershop owner on the subject of disease.

Jerry Prince, the owner of Prince’s Barber Shop in Lawrenceville, said that he wanted what was best for the children, but he feared the children would bring diseases to his town.

“Even kids carry diseases like smallpox, chickenpox and scabies,” said Mr. Prince, 40.

The fears may not be unfounded.

No, not unfounded. See Arizona TV Station Points Out Health Threat (Scabies, Chicken Pox, MRSA Staph Infections) From Illegal Aliens. But most white businessmen would know that saying foreigners carry disease is racist. Jerry Prince, as seen in video, is black, so he's not worried about this.
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