An American Defense Worker Says Immigration Patriots Should Plan How To Manage Victory
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From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

Immigration patriots have much to be happy about with Eric Cantor's historic fall from power. This is one small victory in a very long war, but perhaps one day it will be seen as the turning point of the war-an El Alamein of sorts.[ note: In a speech after the 1942 Battle Of El Alamein, Winston Churchill said that it was “not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”.]

It might be time to start to discuss how to manage victory. Patriotic immigration reform is not entirely a "conservative" movement, but it has the same enemies. It is instructive to review how conservative victories have been undone in the past.

1. Court Rulings under the 14th Amendment. This amendment should be given a second look, not just for the appalling birthright citizenship clause, but for the fact that any pressure group can use it to overturn social policies that lead to a stable society. For example, gay marriage is sweeping into legality through court rulings under the 14th Amendment despite tremendous conservative victories against it.

2. We must keep up the fight even after a cut-off: In 1924, the Progressive Era reformers declared victory and went home. They didn't keep the pressure on the culture to consider America settled territory and eventually the 1965 act came along which un-did so much of their good work.

3. Along with point 2 above, Immigration Patriots need to keep a very close eye on the Ethnic Animosity crowd.

For example, Emanuel Celler, a Jewish Congressman from Brooklyn, whose first ever speech in the House of Representatives was against the 1924 Immigration Act, spent 49 years in the US House and he did all sorts of damage to the Historic American Nation—his name was on the 1965 Immigration Act, which repealed the immigration restrictionist victory of the 1920s.

As far as I can tell, he never had any serious resistance for much of that time.

No matter what the details, it is important to start thinking about what to do after victory now.

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