A California Reader Says Force-Fed Diversity Is Like Chocolate Ice Cream—Too Much, Too Fast Is Bad For You
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From: Bob Turley (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Abolishing America's National Sport (Con't)" Why Not Limit Foreign Players Like The Caribbean League?

Guzzardi's article about force-fed baseball diversity reminded me of what Reggie Jackson, the Hall of Fame outfielder for the Oakland A's and New York Yankees, once said.

When asked why he struck out so often against Nolan Ryan, the flame-throwing pitcher also in the Hall of Fame, even though he was a loves to hit fastballs, Jackson replied: "I like chocolate ice cream too but not when it is being shoved down my throat."

That summarizes how most Americans feel about diversity. We like it okay but not when it's imposed upon us from above and we're told we have to "embrace" it even though there is scant evidence that it helps our society.

Turley works for a large California school district. His previous correspondence about "water-crazy" Los Angeles, Somalis as the "perfect" meat plant employees, California's immigration lunacy and his desire to leave the state as soon as possible is here, here, here and here.

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