A Los Angeles Reader Says His City Is "Water-Crazy"
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From: Bob Turley (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walkers Blog: Water Shortage Or Population Longage? California Drying Up

I live in water-crazy Los Angeles where we probably have more pools and car washes per square mile than anywhere on the planet.

If Walker is waiting for Californians in any significant number to pay attention to our water shortage, she's dreaming.

Angelenos come mostly in two types—the dangerously under-informed (mainly poor illegal aliens) and the brazenly uninterested (the rich).

I am one of the few who fall in between, a barely middle class citizen doing what he can for the environment. That includes riding my bike, dry washing my car and raising awareness about unchecked mass immigration's consequences.

My hero is Penny Weynberg, a woman who has not washed her hair in eleven years!

Turley works for a large public school district.

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