A California Reader Reports That Enforcing Environmental Law Is Apparently Racist—If It's Hmong Marijuana Growers Breaking It
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Re: THE FULFORD FILE: Why Would We Expect “Afghan Allies” To Assimilate Better Than The Hmong?

From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

Latest disparate impact/diversity is strength/kritarchy horror story: vital water regulations in California can't be enforced because the violators are Hmong: Judge says Northern California county water delivery ban is discriminatory against Hmong pot growers, by Jiselle Lee, Yahoo News, October 28, 2021.

Remember, the Hmong had no written language, so US educators created one so they could learn how to write in "Hmong" for bilingual education. They were said to be the mafia of Vietnam.

See earlier letters from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: I personally like to compare the Hmong to American Indians. They filled the same role in Vietnam—in the 20th century—that wild Indians fulfilled in America in the 19th.

What's happening in California is that Hmong have moved to now legal marijuana growing areas and are getting "back to their opium-growing roots."

Since when is marijuana growing something white Californians won't do?

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