A California Reader Reports Eritreans Rioting Against OTHER Eritreans In Western Canada
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From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

Here we see East Africans bringing their violent political disputes to Canada. Deporting them would be a good idea, but the Canadians apparently aren’t even considering it.

See below for more details:

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James Fulford writes: I saw this report on the National Post’s website:

Violent conflict with 150 people erupts in Calgary Saturday afternoon
Police were called to the scene around 5 p.m. Saturday and told two groups of people were engaged in violent activity
By Monica Zurowski, Calgary Herald, September 03, 2023

It’s a classic case of Not Reporting Race. This is about a riot between two groups of Eritreans in the Western Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta, which is due north of Montana. Not only does the fact that it was an Eritrean riot not escape into the headline, but until the sixth paragraph, there’s no mention of the race or national origin of the rioters.

Then in the sixth paragraph, we get

The confrontation may be related to similar Eritrean conflicts that have been occurring in cities around the world, including a recent riot in Edmonton [Further north in Alberta] in mid-August.

Then it goes into a story about how Eritreans rioted against each other in Toronto, Canada, and all over the world

Bloody protests Saturday by rival groups of Eritreans in south Tel Aviv left dozens of people injured. Eritreans, supporters and opponents of Eritrea’s government, faced off with construction lumber, pieces of metal and rocks, smashing shop windows and police cars. Israeli police in riot gear shot tear gas, stun grenades and live rounds while officers on horseback tried to control the protesters.

Elsewhere on Saturday, Norway’s second-largest city, Bergen, witnessed clashes between supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government during a rally commemorating the country’s independence day. Norwegian authorities said government opponents threw bottles and stones at rally participants.

Typically, not only are the Israelis responding to the rioting where necessary with live rounds, but Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to deport them.


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