A California Reader Notes That The MSM Is WIlling To Blame Volkswagen For "Dozens" Of Emissions Deaths, But NEVER Applies This Logic To Immigration
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

The Associated Press has gone to the trouble of doing an analysis of the Volkswagen emissions scandal that blames the company for some hypothetical statistical increase in deaths: AP analysis: VW evasion likely led to dozens of deaths, Associated Press, By Seth Borenstein, October 5, 2015.

Gee, what are the emissions of 25,000,000 illegal aliens and their 20,000,000 anchor babies and all their vehicles, and all their employers’ emissions? (Note that I don't buy the official figure—unchanged for the last 10 years—of 11-12 million illegal aliens.)

Yes, Virginia, there really is a connection between mass immigration, housing prices, wages, air quality, lifespan, probability of rape, even the national trade deficit

How many Americans have died from poor air quality from decades of immigration non-enforcement?

Here's a great way to calculate the deaths, test all the vehicles seized from illegal aliens in the City of Bell, CA and Huntington Park, CA, get an average and multiply by the federal government's official illegal alien rate for the entire nation.

And please don’t forget the mass immigration policy which drives the ever increasing   emissions standards , which never seem to work. (Odd the air gets more polluted and traffic longer in spite of the state importing millions of Latino drivers).

Air quality across the nation is dropping on account of invasion generated growth, every advance in internal combustion engine technology has been obliterated by immigrant growth.

And worse, the technology advances our immigration policy is predicated on haven't appeared. A present, solar energy is just a tax, it doesn't solve the issue of millions of polluters moving in every year.

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