A California Reader Notes Hispanic Voter Fraud In The Suburbs Of Los Angeles
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Re: A California Reader Asks “Tijuana Or Los Angeles?”

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

“Ballots cast in favor of the incumbent candidates were resealed and returned to the mail to be counted. Ballots for non-incumbent candidates were discarded.”

Cudahy officials agree to plead guilty in corruption case, By Kevin Roderick, July 12, 2012 2:54 PM

They (Latino Cudahy officials) intercepted the election mail absentee ballots, fixed the election, then forwarded the "fixed" ballots to the official counters-(apparently unknown to the counters). 

For more on the South LA illegal alien Mexican mafia Kleptocracy that runs California visit www.watchourcity.com, be sure to search for stories about LA's soon to be indicted Assessor John Noguez too. 

You have to remember too that California has no policy to screen out illegal voters, none, nada, zip, zippo, even if convicted felons admit they signed up fictitious and illegal voters, criminal invasion and voter fraud are "public policy" whether the public voted for it or not.

There is a massive postal sorting facility in the South LA City of Bell, California—it’s the primary employer, one of the most corrupt alien sanctuary cities in the whole state of California, any absentee ballots cast in LA County would likely go through that facility before reaching official election counters. 

Will there be a postal inspector investigation?

My prediction on these (Cudahy) allegations of voter fraud won't be investigated, just like the City of Bell and City of Huntington Park voter fraud allegations weren't investigated. 

South LA is the power center of California's Mexican Mafia legislature, the last three speakers all have their absentee ballots collected at the same So LA postal center, an audit of the voter rolls would likely push most of the California legislature leadership out of power.

What % of LA County ballots are absentee?   Probably enough to fix every LA County race and every statewide race, including the Senate primaries and Congressional elections and tax referendums including the High Speed Rail project.

Would the South LA Latino Union goons that run California fix a rail referendum?   Does a bear S_____in the woods?    

California also has a nasty habit of debasing the votes of citizens by  apportioning votes based on the total population including illegal aliens and their children, which creates huge "white citizen voter districts" and microscopic alien voter districts-like Bell and Cudahy. 

The difference in the number of actual voters per district is huge, Tom McClintock has over 280,000 voters in his district, Joe Baca has about 30000—the feds are using criminal invasion to counterfeit, debase and dilute citizen voters. 

Illegal aliens and their US born children should be excluded from voter district apportionment within states (if other states want to hand over Congressional power to California I'm OK with it) , if such a law were passed the political power base of California would shift away from cities that embrace criminal invasion- like Bell and Cudahy and Huntington Park and Maywood to citizen populated cities that oppose illegal immigration. 

For more from Steve Smith, see here.

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