Corruption In Bell, California
December 24, 2010, 06:30 AM
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Walter Olson writes

"You’ve probably seen the ongoing scandal about how local officials used the southern California city of Bell to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. A Los Angeles Times investigation finds that the city was milking small tradespeople too: “Legal experts point to a lack of due process and judicial oversight in hundreds of ‘civil compromises,’ in which plumbers, carpet cleaners and bottle-gatherers paid up to $1,000 for alleged code violations.”

What you won`t be reading much in the press is that Bell is a small Hispanic town, (90.9 % Hispanic) with a Hispanic mayor and a largely Hispanic city council, which has been largely arrested. That makes the shakedowns of the local small businesses very familiar—it`s the traditional corruption that the Mexicans call la mordida, which translates as "little bite" in English, and means that a citizen can`t do anything without paying off an official. One thing that immigrants who come to America for a "better life" are coming for is to escape this system. But if they all come at once, it`s coming with them.