A California Reader Documents Another Alien Murder That Should Never Have Happened
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From: Maria Hansen: (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Report From Occupied America—Jamiel Shaw Gang Killing Enrages Los Angeles

Walker wrote:

"Among the violent crimes that devastate American families, there is a category that is completely preventable—those committed by illegal aliens."

Here's another tragic example from Waukegan, Illinois

Some of the details from this awful story are that 25-year old Nelly Vasquez-Salazar, a weekend waitress at a Mexican restaurant and most likely here illegally, stabbed her 6-year-old daughter Evelyn (anchor baby born in Denver) multiple times with a butcher knife and left her dead body in the apartment for many hours before neighbors called the police.

Evelyn's grandmother, who raised the child in Mexico until last summer when she moved north to join her family, offered the "devil made me do it" defense on behalf of her daughter.

According to the grandmother, satanic forces lived within Evelyn. Nelly apparently took that as a reason to kill her daughter.[Mother Charged in Daughter's Stabbing Death, ABC7, Chicago, April 8, 2008]

Mexico's backward culture, at least in some parts of the country, contributed to the tragic death of this child.

Hansen's previous letter about foreign-born marriage visa scams is here.

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