A California Educator Says Richmond High School Rape By Hispanics Doesn't Surprise Her
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From: Kristen Kroll (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Hispanic Teen Gang Rape in Richmond, California

Here's a little background on the Richmond High School that is well known within the northern California teaching community. 

Richmond High has a 69 percent truancy rate and is in a school district, West Contra Costa Unified, that is plagued by student murders.

Last year, a van was set on fire on the football field's new artificial turf. (See YouTube video here.) Chaos rules both inside and outside the classroom. (See YouTube videos here and here.)

Based on Richmond High's demographic breakdown, dominated by a 78 percent Hispanic enrollment, California's "celebration" of diversity encourages murder and rape, as well as vandalism and disregard for classroom discipline.

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