A Nevada Reader Says American Workers Are Eager To Work At Ski Resorts
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From: Jack Torrance (e-mail him)

Proving yet again that the "Americans won't do those jobs" claim used by open borders enthusiasts is nonsense, job fairs held at various Lake Tahoe resorts and hotels this year drew large crowds. [Tahoe Ski Resorts Hold Job Fairs, Associated Press, October 23, 2009]

Lake Tahoe has always been a haven for immigrant workers, some legal but many not.

At some hotels and restaurants, the employees even wear badges that identify their country of origin: Liberia, Mexico, Brazil.

But with the Nevada unemployment rate more than 13 percent, many permanent residents in the greater Reno area are eager to work.

As locals know, waiting tables at Lake Tahoe's resorts and casinos is not a job Americans won't do but one that many covet.

Torrance works in the internal audit department of a major casino.  

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