A CA Doctor Says Case Against Obamacare Boosted By AIDS Travel Ban Lifting
November 01, 2009, 03:00 AM
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From: Herbert Chen, M.D. (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Democrats Delusional On Obamacare—Whistling Past Halloween Graveyard On Amnesty

President Obama dropped the travel ban for people with AIDS/HIV. [Obama Lifts Travel Ban on HIV Infected, Reuters, October 30, 2009]

This is the worst possible time for the president to make his announcement. All the opponents of Obamacare will immediately see this for what it is: an open invitation to the millions of AIDS sufferers around the world to hop a plane bound for the U.S. and continue on to the nearest hospital for state-of-the-art taxpayer-funded treatment.

I don't know if Obama's decision is an in-your-face declaration that we are inviting the world's sick to partake in Obamacare or is an off-the-cuff action that reflects his poor timing in view of the Democrats' wish to pass House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's H.R. 3962 during the next few weeks.

Chen wrote a previously letter about the perils inviting the entire world to America and about how unrestricted immigration will make it impossible to fund Obamacare. Read them here and here.