A California Educator Says Forget Algebra—No One Can Do Long Division!
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From: Kristen Kroll (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: "No Real Solution" —Arnold Schwarzenegger's Algebra For Dummies

Never mind algebra as a requirement for California high school graduation.

I contend that fewer than 50 percent of California's 2008 graduates can do simple long division with decimals, especially if the problem involves a lot zeros.

Try this one at home to see how your kid does: 2085.003 divided by 2.006.

Students get one try only, answers must be to the fifth decimal point and no calculators are allowed.

Remember that this is fourth grade level math.

Kroll is a Northern California educator. Her previous letter about Barack Obama's sexism is here. A second Kroll letter presenting a true-life racism quiz to VDARE.COM readers is here.

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