A California Educator Says She Earns Her Money Catering To Immigrant Students and Parents
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05/07/09 - An Ex-California Reader Says She's Glad To Have Fled State's Over-Immigration Fall-Out

From: Kristin Kroll (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Thoughts On The Sacramento Tea Party—Immigration Dimension Must Be Added!

Walker apparently takes exception to California teacher salaries, calling us with a hint of disdain…"America's highest paid…."

We certainly make more than our peers in other states. But we earn it.

We are forever dealing with non-English speaking students and their demanding parents, administrators who force diversity seminars down our throats and Sacramento bureaucrats constantly interfering with our classroom schedules by popping in unannounced to check that our bulletin boards are appropriately ethnically sensitive.

Heaven help you if they are not!

That's only the half of it. For years now, I have started my primary school classes with instructions to my immigrant students on how to properly use a toothbrush. I purchased the brushes with my own money and keep them on hand for the daily lesson.

In the pre-immigration California, mothers taught their children basic hygiene. But in the state's post-immigration period, it—like most everything else—falls to the teacher.

Kroll is a Northern California educator. Her previous letter about Barack Obama's sexism is here. Other Kroll letters stating that high school students cannot do long division and offering a true-life racism quiz to VDARE.COM readers are here and here.  

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