A CA Teacher Says It's Time Schools Were Honest About What They Can—And Cannot—Achieve
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From: Kristen Kroll (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Failing Upward via Education Reform

Sailer wrote:

"It turned out that the all-Mexican student body and their families kind of liked their terrible school."

The most important thing school districts, teachers and administrators can do today is to lower expectations so they are consistent with reality instead of constantly trying to re-invent the wheel with special language, math and minority programs for hopelessly inadequate students.

"No Child Left Behind" is an excellent example of getting parents' anticipation up when in truth the program never had any chance. Of course students that can't speak English will be "left behind".

Too many children from too many part-time parents from too many different ethnic backgrounds have rendered public school impotent when it comes to actually imparting knowledge to students.

Why not admit it?

Kroll is a Northern California educator. Her most recent letter about bankrupt school districts is here. Previous letters about Barack Obama's sexism, a true-life racism quiz for readers and student math skills (the lack thereof) are here, here and here.

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