A California Educator Says "Taco Night" May Be All There Is
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From: Kristen Kroll (e-mail her)

Re Cooper Sterling's Column: "Beyond Taco Night": Barack Obama And The Frightening Future Of "Critical Multicultural Education"

I have bad news for Paul Gorski, the Marxist agitator and proponent of critical multicultural education, who thinks that teachers like me are the problem in education.

According to Cooper's column, Gorski asserted: "One problem with teacher education is pragmatism."

Apparently, Gorski wants us to do more than just offer the token "taco night," a phrase he coined to refer to the panorama of multicultural events and ethnic awareness promotions in our classrooms and on our campuses.

Mr. Gorski, be happy with "Taco Night."

Veteran teachers and administrators are fed up with pandering to your diversity agenda. It takes away valuable time from our true teaching mission.

With the California deficit running at about $10 billion and funding for miscellaneous educational perks dwindling, you may wake up to find fewer of us attending your subversive seminars.

Kroll is a Northern California educator. Her previous letter about Barack Obama's sexism is here. Other Kroll letters that deal with a true-life racism quiz readers and student math skills (the lack thereof) are here and here.

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