An Illinois Democrat Calls For Harry Reid's Removal
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From: Lee Small (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Happy New Year! Why There Will Be No 2009 Amnesty

Concerned Democrats should move to oust Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid before he further embarrasses the party.

The Majority leader is elected at the beginning of each Congress by members of their respective party conferences to represent them on the Senate floor. Use this opportunity to get rid of Reid now!

This week has been particularly ugly for Reid.

Contradicting himself from a month ago, Reid told David Gregory on Meet the Press that he is not certain if John McCain and Barack Obama had discussed "comprehensive immigration reform." Read the transcript here.

But in December, as Guzzardi reported, Reid made a big point of telling the Detroit Free Press that Obama and McCain had met and agreed to work together on immigration. [Reid Says Democrats Ready to Tackle Big Issues, by Deborah Barfield Berry, Detroit Free Press, November 23, 2008]  

Even stranger is Reid's insistence on butting in on the Illinois Senate appointment of Roland Burris, a perfectly qualified and legal selection while, at the same time, lobbying for New York's Caroline Kennedy, a completely inadequate candidate. Reid called Kennedy a "wonderful" choice.

Scholars are unanimous that Reid cannot prevail on the Burris case. And, Reid is unlikely to have any influence on New York politics.

Reid is a fool who is hurting Democrats with his stupidity.

Small writes that he is so "disgusted" with the Democrats that he sat out the 2008 election rather than vote for any of its candidates.

Today, the Senate refused to seat Burris. In a brief statement to reporters after he was denied, Burris said that he would refer the matter to his lawyers.

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