A New York Reader Says The Kennedy Family Has Many Treasonous Members
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From: John Carbine (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe To Caroline: Stick To The Cocktail Circuit!

In her effort to get appointed to the U.S. Senate, Caroline Kennedy's biggest enemy is time. Every week a new, unflattering revelation about her finances becomes public.

This week the New York Times reported that Kennedy got a free pass on financial disclosure requirements that even billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg had to meet. As with everything else, Kennedy's spokesmen refuse to explain. [Kennedy Was Spared Financial Disclosure As Top Aide at City Schools, by Alison Leigh Cowan, New York Times, January 3, 2009]

The problem is the system that allows Gov. David Paterson to make the Senate choice.

What credentials does he have?

Paterson is not New York's elected governor. In fact, Paterson got his start in politics two decades ago through a Democratic Party nomination—not a general election—to fill a State Senate seat vacant because of Leon Bogues' death.

Then, in the general election, Paterson squeaked out a win—mostly because his father Basil held the same seat. 

And by the way, several VDARE.COM letter writers have mentioned that Caroline would follow in her Uncle Teddy's footsteps as a "comprehensive immigration reform" advocate.

Don't forget about Caroline's cousin, Teddy's son Patrick, an eight-term Rhode Island Congressman with a "F" immigration grade.

Carbine is an accountant.

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