A CA Reader Says Hardball's Matthews Would Never Be An Immigration Patriot Senator
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From: Arnold Portocarrero (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Would Chris Matthews Play "Hardball" On Illegal Immigration?

Guzzardi is extremely misguided in his lukewarm interest in Chris Matthews over Arlen Specter for Senate.

Matthews is a devoted far-left liberal and is deeply antagonistic towards cultural or social conservatism. This is one of the reasons he spewed bile and vitriol over Sarah Palin's nomination. To Matthews, Palin represents the very middle-American religious-based conservatism that he so despises.

Also, as anybody who has viewed Hardball even a few times could tell you, Matthews has a race obsession. He regularly gushes over America's changing demographics and could easily be confused for a black racialist by someone who listens to the audio only portion of his broadcast.

Given this, it is inconceivable that Matthews would take an active position in combating illegal immigration, despite the quotes Guzzardi cited from Hardball.

Portocarrero's previous letter about Internet matchmakers is here.  

Joe Guzzardi comments: Just to be clear, I agree that Matthews would not be an advocate for reduced immigration or for ending illegal immigration. He has, however, said very accurate things about the ill-effects of open borders on his show that we could use to hold his feet to the fire, should the occasion ever arise. My point was only that by definition Matthews could not be any worse than Specter.

Actually, I doubt Matthews will run. He's stated that he will announce his decision in early January. Since he can earn millions from a new television contract, why opt for the Senate headaches?

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