VDARE.com’s Spring Fundraising Drive Is NEARLY THERE! Help Us Spread The “Killer Word” That Will Stop Amnesty!!
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 VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow’s daughter Karia wondering if things aren’t so bad after all


Earlier: Karia reacting to news that VDARE.com’s 2014 Spring Fundraising had stalled.


Even earlier: Karia slightly mollified by belated Fundraising Appeal’s encouraging start.


The Beginning: Karia being told that VDARE.com missed its Spring Fundraising drive.

With great relief, I thank our loyal readers who have reignited VDARE.com’s Spring Fundraising Appeal—delayed because the site was (is) undergoing a technical overhaul—and now have us closing in on our $30,000 goal.

Please keep up this momentum—give (tax-deductibly) now!

There’s just so much going on, as the Treason Lobby pulls out all the stops to get its Amnesty/ Immigration Surge through before Congress goes into recess in August.

This is a campaign season. The Main Stream Media is fixated on the horse-race aspects of politics.

But I want to take a moment to emphasize what I think is a more important reason to support VDARE.com:

Besides our coverage of how immigration impacts campaigns, we write about the ideas that underlie politics—and ultimately shape them.

One example of how this works: as we’ve reported, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is obviously running scared of immigration patriot Dave Brat in the GOP primary. Incredibly, Cantor has claimed that because Brat—an economics professor and follower of Milton Friedman—served on a state economic forecasting panel under both Republican and Democratic governors, he is a “liberal.”

Putting aside the mind-boggling wildness of this fantastic claim, how did the word “liberal” become such a killer word?

VDARE.com doesn’t claim any credit for it—it’s just one of the very few good things that have happened in the political culture, dating back to the 1960s

But we do think we’ve helped keep “Amnesty” a killer word that immigration enthusiasts are so desperate to avoid that they call their Amnesty/ Immigration Surge legislation “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

Right on cue, Cantor has stated to denounce “Amnesty”—although he has actually proposed Trojan horse versions of it.

We’re not saying he’s going to die of a ruptured conscience. But no politician wants to be in this mess.

Potentially even more significant, VDARE.com is pioneering the antidote to the charge of “racism” that has so paralyzed debate on immigration policy, and so much else.

The antidote to the charge of “racism”: the counter-charge of treasonthat supporters of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge aim to destroy the American nation and betray into poverty many of their fellow-citizens.

I’ve been discussing this key concept since VDARE.com began in 1999. And I see progress.

For example, VDARE.com’s Federale first exposed President Obama’s Administrative Amnesty nearly three years ago and argued that his willful flouting of the law could only be answered by impeachment.

Now, the Administrative Amnesty is finally the subject of Congressional inquiry—and talk of Obama’s impeachment is everywhere, especially after his unilateral swapping of Taliban terrorists for an American Army deserter and the current dramatic illegal alien border rush directly triggered by his refusal to enforce the law and deport illegal alien minors.

Even more heartening to me , the idea that the behavior of the business lobbies and the political class is treason is surfacing on MSM comment threads, which (until they are closed down) represent the view of ordinary grass-roots Americans.

These are the voices that politicians will hear on the doorsteps. These are the voices that phone bank solicitors will hear when they try to raise campaign funds for those politicians.

In the immigration debate, “treason” is becoming a killer word.

VDARE.com has a grass-roots strategy. We make facts and arguments available to American patriots for free. We are delighted to see them surface in Town Halls and on the comment threads. But we need your help to do it.

Money is our secret weapon. Our writers are patriots and would publish their facts and analyses exposing the Main Stream Media/ Treason Lobby for nothing. But they have families to feed.

This is why so many excellent patriot blogs burn out.

Now the Treason Lobby, having given up hope of persuading America to accept an Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, now hopes to slip it through by unscrupulous parliamentary maneuver.

But at VDARE.com we believe the Treason Lobby can be stopped—the “killer words” can enter the political culture—with your help.

We need to raise $30,000 less than $10,000.

Please help us now.

I (and Karia, above) will be most grateful.



Peter Brimelow

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