An Americans First Democrat Exposes Another Eric Cantor Lie
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Re: Washington Watcher’s article Eric Cantor Must Be Really Afraid—He’s Using the Word “Amnesty” Again, And Lying About Opposing It!

From: John DiPaolo [Email him]

Thanks for the article blowing the whistle on Eric Cantor.

In case you missed it, below is a link to a Politifact article. It exposes a specific Cantor lie, that liberal immigration group backs his opponent Brat.

rulings_tom-false[1]Not only does the flyer in question not mention Brat by name, but liberal event organizers claim they had nothing to do with said flyer.[Eric Cantor says "liberal" immigration group backs his GOP primary rival, Dave Brat, Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 30, 2014]

To people that pay attention Cantor comes across very desperate.

Even though I'm registered Democrat I'd certainly vote for a Republican that's Americans First on immigration, but they're pretty scarce.

Two things give me a little hope though. (1) Immigration patriot Tim Donnelly will likely be the Republican candidate for Governor, and (2) When Arizona passed SB1070 a poll showed a similar law, were it to become ballot referendum, would likely pass in California. I'm obviously not the only Americans First Democrat.

See a previous letter from John DiPaolo.

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