Small GOP donations IMPLODE over Immigration
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The Washington Times reports:
The Republican National Committee, hit by a grass-roots donors' rebellion over President Bush's immigration policy, has fired all 65 of its telephone solicitors, Ralph Z. Hallow will report Friday in The Washington Times. Faced with an estimated 40 percent fall-off in small-donor contributions and aging phone-bank equipment that the RNC said would cost too much to update, Anne Hathaway, the committee's chief of staff, summoned the solicitations staff last week and told them they were out of work, effective immediately, the fired staffers told The Times.

hekebolos is discussing this story at the DailyKos:

There is no longer any doubt what side the Republican Party has chosen. They have chosen the corporate cons over the paleocons because the corporate cons have more money.

Too many Democrats are thinking the only thing these disgruntled Republicans care about is abortion. Issues like abortion take a back seat when folks and their kids can't get or keep a job. Last month there was yet another jobs growth shortfall. The US economy created 157,000 jobs-and between 184,000-220,000 new jobs are needed each month to keep up with the combination of immigration and natural increase of the US workforce.

Traditionally jobs growth has been a leading Democratic issue. However, with all three major Democratic hopefuls having a rather poor record on immigration, it will be difficult for the Democratic party to talk about jobs creation credibly when working class voters are facing an immigration driven Jobs Crunch.

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